The Blog Has A New Focus and A New URL

Hi Friends,

I guess you could say I fell off the blogging wagon a bit these past few months. Truth is, we’ve been traveling so much for Cole’s work and a little vacation here and there and I haven’t made it much of a priority.

Travel is pretty much the center of everything in this season of our life and oddly enough I have yet to write about it. I was feeling like there was no real focus or cohesion with my posts and to really find my niche I need to focus on what I know and what I’m most comfortable writing about. Well I have been to 30 countries, am traveling with my husband almost every other week and am pretty much a pro traveler at this point. I took it a step further and realized that this entire blog should be largely travel focused. How we research, pack for, pay for and general tips and tricks for traveling via air, plane, train, boat and with and without the baby and the pups.

Several friends and followers joked that my blog name should be “The Never at Home Mom” or “Mom on the Go” or several other cheeky ideas involving how much this stay at home mom is actually never home at all. Well, I checked insta to see what handles were taken and the one I landed on was @thetravelingsahm. So I created the account with nothing in it so far just to make sure I snagged it. Feel free to go follow for when I get some posts going on that account. Then I checked to see if anyone had a website with that name and no one did either. So, the blog formerly known as the Accidental Stay at Home Mom is now called The Traveling Stay at Home Mom and the URL has been changed. I think it’s fitting and perhaps the update will whip my butt into posting regularly and really seeing if I can turn this into something I am proud of.

So, stay tuned for a facelift and new content coming at you soon. Are there any specific topics you want to see a post on or any questions you have for me regarding our travels?

Thanks so much for following along!



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